We Manage your Business Technology


Managed Services

With the growing trend toward focusing on core business capabilities, many companies are outsourcing selected business functions to expert partners who can perform them more efficiently and cost-effectively. The peace of mind that comes from entrusting IT processes to industry leaders such as Qnet, allows companies more freedom to be innovative and specialize, pursuing excellence in their field.

Qnet’s Managed Services provides our valued customers with a means to reduce downtime, lower operating costs, lower the risks of not meeting your Information Technology goals, and increase productivity while maximizing your technology investment.  These goals are accomplished with a comprehensive combination of onsite and remote service offerings. Qnet’s Managed Service offering focuses on management of  helpdesk, desktops, servers, data center, applications and network devices. Services can be provided at your site utilizing a reoccurring monthly contract or time and material contract.

Qnet’s Managed Service offering provides:

Proactive Support:
Qnet’s Managed Service proactively alerts our Engineers of potential failure of equipment or processes that could cause downtime or decreased productivity. 24 X 7 Monitoring:  Proactive monitoring gathers important information about your IT Infrastructure and alerts Qnet engineers with pre-failure indicators that help prevent problems before they occur.  Qnet can fix a problem before you even know about it.
Remote Management:  Ninety plus percent of Network problems can be resolved remotely.  This eliminates costly unnecessary trips to your office while waiting hours for a problem to be fixed.

Security Management:
Qnet’s Managed services such as firewall monitoring and patch management.  Networks and applications with the latest patches are less vulnerable to viruses and intrusion and address productivity issues.
Reporting and Communication:  Qnet’s Managed Services collects operational data that is leveraged to make better decisions for purchasing and network management. Predictable Cost:  Qnet’s Managed Service offering helps you establish a predictable monthly budget for your IT infrastructure support.

Depth of Knowledge:
Qnet’s Managed Service offering provides a team of multi-disciplined engineers available to support your network.

Qnet offers flexible pricing that provides multiple services to choose from. Onsite Presence:  Although Qnet engineers work many hours “behind the scenes”, we will provide onsite support to ensure the services are provided to your expectations. Our services will include reoccurring scheduled meetings with management to review progress and recommendations.  Further onsite support is offered as an option should it be required.